Thursday, June 24, 2004


Went to the Metallica concert at Parc de Princes last night.. kinda spontaneous, as we drove out the venue without tickets.. The concert had just begun, and we were told that we could not buy any tickets.. Then this small hustler came along, and asked if we wanted to purchase a couple of tickets..
Moments later, we are having great seats in the stadium ! Class..

Metallica, as always, ROCKED ! I haven't seen them since back in the mid-nineties at Gentofte, Denmark. I stopped buying their albums after "The Black Album" - luckily for me, they played a lot of old stuff (eg. Seek & Destroy, Master of Puppets, Battery) - The best track, was clearly "Enter Sandman" the whole stadium just went at it - crazy fucks dancing pogo like there was no tomorrow..