Wednesday, June 30, 2004


I hate this, this is plain stupid.

This morning i wake up feeling like shit as usual, because i have to get my sorry ass out of bed and to work by nine am. So I take the shower, throw some clothes on, and head out, still half asleep, thinking how horrible this day is going to be. Oh yeah, by the way, I was woken up not by my already annoying alarm clock, but by guess what? a JACKHAMMER rattling away outside my window. GOD DAMN IT!

So anyways, I'm walking to the subway feeling like shit, when i remember that Starbucks is opening today at Odeon, I remember because it was posted on the store yesterday. So I look over and sure enough, the place is lit up, all ready to go. And what better than a nice Mocca Frappuccino to start up the day! So i walk over there and step in, 10 euros at hand, when some Dorky bastard comes up to me and tells me they ... ARE NOT OPEN YET! It's 8:15am, and they open at... 8-fucking-30!!!! So I bitched at him, well I mumbled something obscene at the guy, cuz i was still asleep, and walked away PO.

Here's what i don't get. They open a Starbucks in a prime location right in the middle of the Latin quarter, and the fuckers open at 8:30, when about half the fuckers craving coffee at that time have already taken the subway to get their sad asses to work.. Wouldn't it be a little more logical to open at like 7:30, so they could attract the full monty? I mean jesus! what the hell! Maybe Starbucks, that good old US corporation, has had to deal with our Socialist way of having unions, who knows. In any case I am pissed off. Fucking pissed off. Maybe I'll go over there and bitch.


Lakuda said...

I'm going to write my congressman about this. They should have a "Starbucks Sentinel" posted outside of every metropolitan Starbucks around the world, whose job is to OPEN THE GODDAMN STORE AND GET THE COFFEE BREWING as soon as the first customer (who doesn't have any need for their 'opening' and 'closing' times whatsoever) gets there...fucking hell, what a travesty.

I'm going to go make coffee - looks like I won't be getting any sleep this night either, as it's already 0430. yayyyyyyy

Lakuda said...

AND I'm out of smokes again. SONOFABITCH!

mich said...

Normally in this case, I would go like : "HAHA, Dimitri.. sucker.." BUT but-but-but in this particular case, Dimitri should have acted like the courier and bringing that fine mocca-frapuccino to my desk every morning ! So, I'm getting screwed as well.
That's it ! I'm going on a long overdue STRIKE !

I'm out.