Monday, June 21, 2004


I got some Gmail invites, if you want one - leave your email addy in the comments..

Update: That being said, I don't trust any mail where I don't have root on the incoming mailserver ;)

I still got a couple of invites left.


Lakuda said...

matcheydj@yahoo or hotmail

...I want one!!!! I've been trying to get one forever!

Stig said...

Hej Michael

Den email jeg har på dig virker ikke (freebsd) ?
Ku' mægtig godt tænke mig sådan en Gmail ting:-)

mich said...

Dave & Stig - your invitations should be in your inboxes.

mich said...


I hope you received yours..
Hotmail silently drops Gmail invites (via Slashdot)