Friday, June 04, 2004

Vacation time, what the HELL.

Ahh the summer is coming, and that means vacation for the lucky few of us who : a:) still have some dosh in order to do something other than sit in the apartment and b:)have the days off.. So it is with great joy that i am going (ceterus paribas) to the south of France in August for 2 weeks, and bringing my chick there.

Well check this out, when she went and asked for her vacation time, they told her they would count the Saturday she was taking off (yes, that saturday, the WEEKEND day) as a vacation day...... So lets get this straight:

- She works Monday through Friday, 7 hours a day, for a grand total of 35 legal working hours.
- On her paychecks, she gets 2.5 something days off a month, for a grand total of 30 days off per year - the legal 5 weeks vacation in France.
- and no, she doesn't work and hasn't worked any Saturday.. and has not had any absences for not being at work on saturdays.

So this is beautiful! I just imagine myself in this situation, where i work all year, monday through friday, and when it comes to taking vacation, they count my saturdays in my vacation days! Isn't the weekend supposed to be free time where you don't work? WTF! When asked about this little rule they have (which in the end helps them out, because you can take less work days off, hence work more for SHIT pay), these people said that it was an internal rule that the director (that bitch) implemented, so they couldn't do shit about it. Well guess what..

I've been investigating the French Law.

And you know what, what they are doing is LEGAL.
You see, French companies can actually calculate your vacation time two ways: 1) by the days you actually worked (jours ouvrés) 2) by the days you COULD HAVE WORKED (jours ouvrables). the latter means that even if you don't work on saturday, they can count the saturday in your vacation time...

The only day they can't take off you is Sunday..... I mean i know this is a lot of fuzz over one day, but imagine how PO you would be if you have to take your saturday as a day in your vacation, when usually it's your weekend anyways and you don't work. And I mean you could try to just take the week days, but you are FORCED take your saturday as well, you have no fucking CHOICE.

I am really starting to hate this fucking place..

But then I looked at my paycheck and saw there was a slight difference.
I get 2.08 days off a month for a total of 25 days off a year. Those days are
Monday through Friday (5 days)
She gets 2.5 days off a month for a total of 30 days off a year. My assumption is that from the beginning, they gave her vacation time on her saturdays, which would make the extra day vacation she gets a month (25/5=5 days of work/vacation; her 30/5=vacation based on 6 working days, hence Mon - Sat.)

I still don't understand why they do this, whatever, fuck it, it's Friday and I don't care, I'm on my weekend in a couple of hours.

That's my bitching for today. I'll have more later - the fumes are still hot.


Lakuda said...

I'd be fuckin pissed off too, that's not fucking right. Shall I recite Rule #3 for the millionth time? And the government is helping companies screw their employees over - you should take that issue to a lawyer and to whoever reviews laws that are fucked up or outdated...because that's some old stinky shit right there.

Lakuda said...

I suggest getting a female corporate lawyer, if that's possible, and take it to them. Make sure she revises the contract that she signed with her company first, with the lawyer, so she goes in there armed. One person can make a difference, you know. She could change that unfair law.

Of course of course, it's her decision, but... that's really fucked up, I'd fight that if I were her. Seems like sexism or some sort of discrimination is going on there.