Tuesday, June 29, 2004


I've heard a lot of rumors out there on gmail and it's manner of setting up advertising according to email content, and a lot of people have been bitching about privacy etc. Granted it's a bit less privacy than we're used to on other mail services... or is it? I mean at least Google is honest about how it's planning to sell advertising, but no one can say that Hotmail, or Yahoo, or any other web-based mail hasn't been doing the same for years. I mean do you really think that your hotmail account is for your eyes only? Don't you think there are a couple techies having the time of their lives looking at your private life! Come ON! God knows I'd be looking at inboxes all the damn time - if I could. So I think this whole polemic on gmail and how it's so "bad" for us is full of shit. If you're stupid enough to put your CC information in a banal email, then you deserve to get riped off. I figure email is about getting a message from A to B as efficiently as possible, and gmail does this better than any other web based email I've found. I've had a gmail account now for a week or so, and i find the interface user friendly, efficient, and I actually haven't noticed the advertising yet, so screw it. To me, A) I can send an email in a couple of seconds; B) I've got shitloads of space to store those emails; C) it's free, and; D) the interface rocks.

And to all those not happy about gmail, here's some advice - DON'T get a gmail account!!! It's that fucking easy! and stop bitching, you're fucking annoying me.


mich said...

All online mail services blows.. yahoo, hotmail, gmail, hindumail, allahmail etc etc.. Receive/Send your mails from a box you know is not compromised, and you know will not filter any false-positives, and you know some fucker is not reading your mails.. got root ?

mich said...

Ohh... ! Look at the smart little ani-gif.. oh my gosh it's so smart..

Lakuda said...

mail blows big old crusty donkey balls

i got mail! i got mail! i got mail! i got mail!


i got mail!

-sPEical Ed

Lakuda said...

click here - dimi this is what I was talking about, the Special Ed guy on Crank Yankers, the tv show.

cc Infopage said...

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