Friday, June 04, 2004


They salesreps at our office are using these headsets with their telephones, and recently we ran out.. We purchase batches of them every now and then.. Those industry standard don't come cheap though.. They are about €100 a pop ! Yeah, a ridiculous price for something pretty basic..
The last couple of months, we have changed a lot of them around the office (I don't know what the hell those salesreps are doing with them). Last week, we ran out of new headsets..
We requested upper-management to purchase some new.. Bad call.. When our CEO saw the price on those headsets, he made an unpredictable move.
6 months ago (or so) we tested out Skype for inter-office calls, and for that purpose we bought a shitload of cheapo pc-headsets (those for a couple a euros a piece) -
Yeah.. That's right.. I trip to Castorama later, and Dim and I are sitting and removing mini-jacks from the pc-headsets, combining the them with the connectors from the other headsets.. Electrical-tape, choc blocks (thanks Lasse) and a lot of patience.. A real MacGyver solution..

Result: A working headset for our phones, ugly as hell - for less than 2 euros a pop.

Pictures to follow....


Lakuda said...

Ingenious! MacGyver, the guy who could make a tank out of a toothpick, as I always say, has truly been an icon for our generation. While some trashy people use trashy words to describe his type of "rig" - well, you still can't get past that genius. And 100 Euros for a good headset? You know where they're going, don't you? You should hard wire them to the employee's heads so they can use them at home and the office...

Lakuda said...
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