Monday, May 24, 2004

How I make a Flaming Doctor Pepper

As per Camel's request, here is the way I make a Flaming Dr. Pepper. This is another one of those fun little drinking that tend to hurt quite a bit the morning after...

Now there are quite a few ways to make this, and I've added a recipe for a similar drink at the end of the blog as well.

For this conconction, you will need:
White or Dark Rum (I prefer dark)

There is a couple steps in this, so be attentive..
- Fill a pint glass just over half way with some cheap-ass lager (aka beer, normal beer). Leave aside
- Fill half a shot glass with Ameretto, and float the rum to fill the glass. (to float an alcohol, use the back of a spool or anything that will slow the speed of the alcohol pour, hence making it easier for it to float on a heavier alcohol) <- repeat that twice if you didn't get it.
- With a lighter, take your time and light the rum in the shot glass by holding the flame to the side of the shot glass, and turning it slowly, therefore heating the top layer or alcohol. After around 20 seconds, the rum should light.
- Once the rum is lit, tell the dude getting canned to hold the half full pint glass, and drop the flaming shot into it. He has to shoot both the beer and the shot glass in the pint glass. Voila! Flaming Dr.Pepper!

Another drink, same principle, less burning. It's called an Irish Car Bomb.

instead of beer, use guinness
instead of amaretto, use baileys and irish whisky (like Jameson's)
You don't have to light it, just drop the shot in the guinness and chug.

voila! Cheers!

"The hard part about being a bartender is figuring out who is drunk and who is just stupid."
- Richard Braunstein


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