Thursday, May 06, 2004

I hate the euro

"Oh... The euro will be so smart - cause you can go around to all countries in Europe without having to worry about currency exchanges etc etc.." Bullshit !!
When I travel around Europe, I usually go to either the UK or Denmark - none of them have signed up for the euro (good for them) - and whether they have or nor it wouldn't matter, as I always pay with my visa card.
So let's look at the flip-side on having the Euro...
On the day "they" introduced the euro, all prices sky-rocketed.. And I mean _all_ prices.. The consumers (you and me) were having trouble doing the exchanges in their head when they did their groceries, so by the time they realized the increase - it was too late... And now.. Well now we're just stuck with it !

An example:
Back in the good old French Francs days, I would be able to go to my local brasserie and have a couple of pints of Heineken for about 45,- FF (max). Now, it'll cost me 12,50 EUR - let's see.. (12.50 x 6.56) = 82,- FF - that's an increase on almost 82% - I mean, what the hell ?

I miss the French Francs...

And what the fuck is up with the garbage trucks in rush hour traffic ? One would think, that they have the whole god damn day to collect garbage, why mess with people between 8h00 and 9h00 when they are already late for work... I mean... what's up with that ?

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