Monday, May 10, 2004

No more getting lost..

So I finally did it ! I purchased a GPS navigation system for my car. I had been on the look-out for a quite a while now - but I always thought that it was a bit pricy.. (It still is, but less.. )
Since we are going on a little vacation next week, I figured that I might as well get it now.. It also didn't help that Henrik has just been visiting me, and he works for Pioneer and loves to tease me with all the cool features of a navigation system.
So saturday morning (or noon) when I woke up, I went to Darty in Ternes to purchase my TomTom Wireless GPS system. Unfortunantly they were sold out! But that didn't stop me, I drove out to Darty in Montparnasse where they had 4 left!
The pack contains: 1 HP IPaq PocketPC, 1 GPS receiver (Bluetooth) and 1 car installation kit.
We took it out for a test drive sunday afternoon, and it worked perfectly !
Now I just need to get someone to intall all the cables nicely in the car, or else it'll end up looking like my office with cables everywhere - so I am going up to Peugeot in La Defense where I bought my car tomorrow !


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to buy a GPS transmitter for your keys in case you lose them...and keep the receiver for that one in your car...

Anonymous said...

hehehe.. I have never lost my keys.. but I suppose there will be a first time for everything !