Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Slow ass delivery

Recently (well actually something like 3 weeks ago) I decided to purchase a Secure Digital 512MB expansion kit for my iPaq. So I browsed around on the net, to figure out where I could get a good deal. FNAC and DARTY were both well over 200 EUR for the card, and being a cheapo as I am - I found that a bit steep. I found sweet offer through Kelkoo with Nomatica; basically I could get it for something like 160 EUR.
Well.. wonderful, good, great, etc etc... Though, I've been waiting 3 weeks for those fuckwits to ship it to me !! I've sent a couple of emails, querying them - only one of them got a reply, and it was useless..
I called them a couple of times, each time they promise me that it is being shipped pronto.. Damn it!
It's not rocket-science do put an item in a box, and ship it - I mean, am I being too demanding ?

I'll give them until Monday, if not the card is on my table by then - I'll start a holy war with them..

ps. Yes! I did choose the more expensive shipping facility, not "El Poste" where only 40% of your packages are being delivered.

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