Friday, May 21, 2004


Ah well here we are again, it's that wonderful day, Friday, the day when almost anything can go wrong, and I wouldn't give a crap, simply because I know, I KNOW, that in a handful of hours, I'll be homefree. The only real problem with today is that I also know, yes I KNOW, that the weekend will go by way to fucking quickly (as usual), and it'll be Monday before I know it. Damn! Why is that? Why is it that work days usually take ages, and the fun times like the weekend go by way to damn quickly? I mean what was that supreme being thinking when he put that algorithm in our stupid human heads: 'Hey I know, lets make these beings' brains function so that when everything is ok, it doesn't last long, but when things are fucking SHIT, we'll double the amount of time they percieve!' Way to go on that one G, yippee! But I'm still pretty content it's Friday, I mean it's not like it's been a hell of a week (we lazy French people had Thursday off, something to do with Jesus flying in the sky), and this last week has been the first time the weather was decent enough, so I can't complain. Plus, I haven't had to deal with mich's constant complaining, bitching, whining, so it's been pretty quiet. But as I said, it went by fast, and GUESS WHAT! Mich is back on Monday, so we're in for a hell of a next week, I'm telling ya.

Yesterday was good, was invited to a nice little BBQ in Paris, yes, Intra muros.. Some say it's not too legal, but we did it anyways- damn good merguez too - compliments to the Embassador, Roger Hobby. after a couple pint glasses of Pastis (heavily dosed), and listening to Ryan bitching about me not being sexual enough for him lately, we went home, and chilled. Overall a very good little afternoon. Well that's all I have to say for now, have a good Friday and weekend, and goddamnit ENJOY IT, cuz you know it'll be monday soon... DAMN!

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