Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Social behavior

How come whenever you are in a shop/service-center (or something like it) and you are standing in line or getting served - and if the telephone will ring they will ALWAYS answer it and make you stand and wait like a jackass. How come clients sitting on their fat behinds making a telephone call, will be priorities over the clients that have actually gone through the trouble to show up ? I don't think it makes any sense, and I believe that whenever you (the consumer) will experience this, it should NOT be frowned upon when you smack the idiot up over it..

Just my 2 cents..


Thomas said...

I like the way you guys have created a real Ghetto atmosphere in here! Dimitri is starting riots against bartenders that can't create decent drinks and now you Michael are starting riots against service centers!

mich said...

Yeah.. you gotta love the ghetto-ness..
I wonder if you can post to your blog from jail ? I mean, with all the riots and all.. We should investigate further on that..

Anonymous said...

There aren't so many riots in jail. Of course, it depends where you go. Usually it's just one dumbass getting his ass kicked in the cell while everyone else throws asswipe around the main quad to distract the guards. I'm pretty sure you can post to your blog - if you can concentrate over everyone singing at night, and the sound of very loud card games.

p.s. - order the Rigatoni with extra garlic, it's sensational.

mich said...

Well actually - I was referring to all the riots Dim and I are advocating - so as a result of that, we might be thrown in jail. Hence my question - if/when we go to jail, would we still be able to blog.

Thanks for your input though, you sure know a few things about jails - Have you ever been in one, if so, which one ? (I would use it for site statistics)

I'll keep that garlic rigatoni advise handy for future reference..