Saturday, May 15, 2004

Successful 'Xtreme' Fondue-ing

Yes, Mich, myself, and our two lady friends had a wonderful fondue session last night, although as always, we had a hard time doing things in a civilized way.

Everything started out much like any adult thing, a little aperitif with olives and saucisson, nice little semi-educated chitchat, etc etc. We had a couple civilized drinks, and everything was fine and dandy - Until the Jack started hitting the few tired neurons we have left.

The Fondue was a big success - it was the first time we tried making one at home, and the result was very very nice.. I think the Jack, plus the 3/4 of a bottle of white wine and the Kirsch in the Fondue.

We played some Taboo in Frenglish (props to us though, the chicks were constantly cheating, and plus they're sour losers) and the next thing we knew, it was 3am and we were all starting to feel very very very "Tired", so mich and Karima got a cab home.

Drinks consumed: 2 bottles of Jack Daniels Old No.7 (That's a bottle each for me and mich)
Half a bottle of Zubrovska vodka (The chicks)
1 bottle of white wine.

Mich, you have to come over soon, we've got to nail that Kahlua in some nice White Russians dude.


Lakuda said...

And why wasn't I invited? I could have brought cheese or something, and I'm sitting on a case of Chivas. By the way, the GHETTOCLOCK isn't loading right from over here - is it because I still have dial up?

Oh, we're packing our shit on Monday, so my precious Sophie will be in a crate headed for the New World... Out of here in a couple of semanas, hermano - talk atcha from the other side...


mich said...

You make a mean fondue... and we have better taste that Kahlua sooner than later..

Anonymous said...

Losers ! Chicks don't cheat ! How would you know anyway, with your couple of "tired neurons" trying to function in the hostile environment your so-called brain represents

mich said...

This will not stand - this aggression will not stand. We would have won all the rounds of Taboo - if you two chicks hadn't cheated... CHEATERS...