Monday, May 03, 2004

Stupid Enterasys Matrix E1

Trying to test a Matrix E1 switch today.. That was lots of fun ! We weren't able to figure out how to get console access.. Spent some time trying to search on google for some answers.. But apparently everyone that owns such a switch have not experienced any problems..
We tried connecting a normal rollover console cable, a straight-through cable and a crossover cable - all without success. Figured that it might be hyperterminal that was choking, tried with another terminal program - still without success. Unfortunately the com port on my Unix box is dead, so I am forced to use the windows box - that kinda limits our debugging options..
Finally gave up, and sent it through the system - I can see only two options:
1. Both console ports have been nuked
2. We (Dim & I) are too stupid to get it working.

Since we experienced the same behavior on both switches, I am tempted to believe in the second option... I don't know what it says about us.. Except I hope I'll never have to work with such a piece of crap again.


Anonymous said...

Your problem is the pinouts. They send a special serial adapter with the switch or you can make one with an existing serial / rj adapter

suntime said...

I am facing the same problem. I have two different connectors, and I tried both directions - straight and reversed serial.

I don't know what does a special adapter mean, but I have a lot of adapters, none of them is working with these switches. If you can't telnet on the switch, you are screwed.

Anonymous said...

Anyone knows what's the pinout to that cable?

Anonymous said...

This manual has a pin out diagram, but I would rather just buy an adapter I got my switches used.