Friday, May 07, 2004

Peer to Peer and the Music Industry

Once again, the whole polemic over downloading music, and the music industry trying to brainwash us into thinking it's not morally right...
What i don't find morally right is that when i buy a CD, such an infinitely small amount of my hard earned cash is actually going to the artist.
The rest of my dosh is going to some bastard sitting in an office bigger than my apartment at EMI or Universal. Well I say it was about time something rocked the boat. This is putting the majors at risk (-20% sales in france since January), and it's created a time when the whole chabang has to be rethought.. They are trying to tell us it is wrong to download, yet they haven't yet figured out that as a whole, p2p users (in the millions) are a lot stronger then them, and that users will always find an alternate source to download from, which has happened in the past (napster - gnutella - kazaa - kazaa lite - edonkey - emule, etc, etc).

This is good for everyone, the internet is causing a revolution in this industry that was much needed. Wouldn't it be good to be able to download directly from the artist, and either donate/buy their tracks? Wouldn't the artists also prefer not being tied down by the majors? And what about all those artists that don't have a contract with EMI, Universal, etc? Won't they now, thanks to the internet, be able to have their music played out there?

Let's wait and see, shit has already hit the fan, and they can't arrest every mp3 downloader. They've got to learn to live with it one way or the other, so things are going to change.

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