Monday, May 03, 2004

Of Work and the Weekend.

Well well, it seems like just 10 minutes ago when i last left this office.. and here i am again! WTF. I mean you leave on Friday saying "I am SO going to take advantage of these two days off", and no matter WHAT you do, it just seems like the weekend is compressed into just a couple minutes, and there you are, your dumb ass sitting in your stupid blue chair, looking at a dirty screen full of crap.. yay!

But what'd ya want to do, that's the way it is. The weekend was good although short as usual. For once my sorry self was invited to a birthday party, which was pretty sweet (yeah i got myself a couple of drinks with mich there) We went and shot some pool for a couple of hours (although we probably shot more heinekens then balls really) and then headed off to Hogans, where we sat, bullshitted, and ate Rota's very own bar-made sandwiches... yum. I got sick of mich after about 60 minutes of listening to his constant moaning and bickering, so we f**ked off to the VD, had a shot with Marko there, and went home to pass out.

Saturday, did nothing (another birthday that evening); Sunday, walked around paris and bought some stuff, went home, had sushi and passed out.

SO here we go for another week of bloggin' excitement!! Go Enterasys! And what about this Sasser virus... i want to see some of these people's computers reboot when they're in the middle of a HUGE document they haven't saved.. heheheheh


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