Wednesday, May 19, 2004

The Sweet Bite of a Summer Mojito.

Ahhh, the summer has finally decided to be present in France this year - I was starting to worry we'd be wearing heavy leather jackets all of 2004, damn it. The summer is good, it's the time when you can enjoy the sun, the heat, and show off the fat you accumulated when you were stuffing yourself this past winter - yay! I'll see YOU by the pool- walking aruond in your Hawaiian swimwear, looking like a toasted aspirin, with your 30 pound beer gut hangin' out - ROCK ON! But no matter what, it's the summer, fuck it, let's have a drink and chill.

What better beverage (apart from Jack of course) to accompany this festive heat wave but a cold Mojito, made the RIGHT way.

Before you start, here are the magical ingredients..

- White Rum (get some Bacardi white rum, or Havana Club should do the trick)
- fresh mint leaves (not mint syrup or anything but real chlorophyll-filled leaves)
- some nice little limes (not lime juice, or sour mix- real LIMES, thank you.)
- granulated brown suger (sugar cane sugar is the best way to go, although it works with normal sugar, although it's not as good)
- if you really want to make it properly, have some angostura handy..
- some ice, yeah, frozen water works.


In a NICE glass, preferably something with a large base (whiskey glass, lowball, etc) put about 2 teaspoons of brown sugar. Next squeeze in 2-3 wedges of lime, and add about 6 nice mint leaves. Mash the three ingredients using something like a pestle (What is a pestle? go to, and search for pestle)
Once all of this has become a gooey pulp, you're ready for the next step - adding the crushed ice.
- here's a method for crushing ice which work and isn't too much of a hassle. Take a couple ice cubes, place them in one of your cupped hands, and swing the pestle at them. This should give you some uneven crushed ice, which is perfect for the mojito. I don't like real crushed ice, because as i've said before it tends to melt too quickly.

Fill the glass up to the top with crushed ice. Add a couple drops of Angostura. Pour the white rum over the crushed ice up to the top of the glass.

Before serving, make sure the person mixes the beverage up, otherwise all the good stuff stays at the bottom, and the person gets a hard kick of really cold RUM (which is ok too)

Serve with a little straw, and you're golden! Go sit by the pool, chill in the sun, and sip away!

BTW, there are quite a few other drinks you can make with the ingredients i gave ya, including a ti punch, caipirinha. They are all based on the same principle: sugar and limes. For the Ti punch, don't add any mint, and for the caipirinha, you have to have some Cachaca handy... More drinks to come. CHEERS!

"The hard part about being a bartender is figuring out who is drunk and who is just stupid."
- Richard Braunstein


Lakuda said...

I had a White Russian today... it was goooood. I had an Irish Coffee yesterday. It was goooood. I will have a JackCoke tomorrow. It will be goooood.

Lakuda said...

Yes, the Jack Coke was goooooood. Why aren't you at work? Did France pull out of the EU and lose all internet access?