Friday, May 14, 2004

User support

Gotta love my user support skills:

(11:08:57) Jurgen xxx: hi michael
(11:09:05) michIcom5412: hello
(11:09:31) Jurgen xxx: Every applicateion on PC is extremly slow
(11:09:40) Jurgen xxx: have we got a general problem
(11:09:48) michIcom5412: no
(11:09:48) Jurgen xxx: or can i do something
(11:10:11) michIcom5412: must be your network connection
(11:10:16) michIcom5412: cause all is good here..
(11:11:00) michIcom5412: Give it 10 minutes and let me know if it is better, ok ?
(11:11:07) Jurgen xxx: ok
(11:15:15) Jurgen xxx: its ok now
(11:19:39) michIcom5412: goodie

Another happy customer..

1 comment:

Lakuda said...

That's more help than I get from my tech support! I have a Gateway PC - yeah yeah I know I know... I'm throwing it out the window as I type this